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Upload the following documents:
Applicants details as stated on their licence:
Means assessment for determining long term rental eligibility
Full name of applicant as stated on drivers licence:
I agree that:
1.Material Facts -All information given to Zurich Insurance (wheater verbal or written) is true & correct. All material facts have been disclosed (its your duty to disclose)
2.Terms of Policy -The terms if Zurichs insurance Policy are accepted:
3.Use of Information -My personal information collected by Zurich may be used by Zurich insurance to advise me of its services. It may also be disclosed to other members of the insurance industry and insurance claims register ltd, and to parties who have a financial interest in the subject matter of the policy. My personal information may be held by other members of the insurance industry and insurance claims register ltd, may be disclosed to Zurich Insurance
4.AGENCY - Anyone who assists me to complete this application form is acting as my agent only.
PLEASE NOTE: We gather information about you (inlcuing your clains history) to consider your application for insurance. If you refuse to provide it we may decline your application. This information is held by us and you may access it. It may be passed onto other insurers you deal with and any financially interested party. Your claims history is passed onto and held by insurance claims register ltd. This enables other insurers you deal with to access it and prevents fraudlent claims. This signature obtained from you authorises us to check your credit rating held by various crediy rating agencies if required.
I/we hereby certify to THE CREDITOR that the statementss set out on this page and in this application is a true, full and accurate declaration of my/our assests and liabilities on the date hereof. I/we make this solemn declaration conscientiously believeing the same to be true and by the virtue of the Oaths and Declaration ACT 1957.